Chef’s Signature Dishes

27. Mussels*
A special combination of Garlic, salt, methi leaves, cream, butter and red wine, Bengali style. A delicious and unique sea food appetiser. Must try! (highly recommended)
28. Tiger By The River*
Succulent whole lush king prawns cooked in a pan with a variety of spices in a medium thick sauce, aromatic flavours. With a splash of red wine. (Absolutely divine).
29. Sea-Bass*
Special combinations of light spice, served on a bed of spiced chick – peas and potato. The epitome of culinary excellence.
30. Royal Papanasini*
King prawns cooked in a medium sauce with garlic and mild spices. Fit for a royal. With a touch of cream. Garnished with fresh green herbs.
31. Sunset Salmon*
Succulent salmon fillet, pan fried with fresh onions, peppers, and tomatoes in a rich sauce topped with an ultimate rich blend of fresh yogurt and coriander. Defies description.
32. Mochak
Chicken with honey and mango sauce. Sweet with abundance of flavours.
33. Turban Chicken
Chicken cooked with almonds and pistachio nuts. Served in a mild sauce.
34. Bombay Flame
A hot curry, cooked with potato in special chilli sauce known as naga chilli, madras or vindaloo. A very adventurous curry with an extra kick to the palate
King Prawn*
35. Blue Elephant on Parade
Chicken or lamb tikka delicately marinated with authentic spices, barbecued and glazed. Infused with mustard seeds, herbs and spices to produce an exotic mouth-watering sauce.
36. Satkora
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with a special sour citrus fruit (satkora). (Medium or hot).