Chef’s Specials

44 Garlic Chilli Masala
Chicken or lamb cooked with green chillis, herbs and coriander in a spicy sauce.
45 Butter Chicken
Off the bone spring chicken cooked in a mild and creamy sauce with extra butter.
46 Garlic Tikka Delight
Chicken or lamb cooked with fried garlic, coriander and mild spices.
47 Chicken Kata Massala or Lamb Kata Massala
Diced boneless lamb or chicken, braised to a golden brown colour and prepared in a thick sauce consisting of onions, ginger, garlic, with ground spices (garam massala). Deliciously sensational.
48 Green Chicken/Lamb from Goa
Diced succulent pieces of spring chicken or lamb cooked in a variety of fresh green herbs, spices, crushed garlic, ginger, green chillies and lemon juice. Sharp and hot. A unique taste experience.
49 Emperor’s Choice Chicken/Lamb
A unique dish of smooth and spicy tikka of chicken or lamb, cooked with mince meat, onion and tomato. Absolutely delicious.
50 Devil’s Tamarind Chicken/ Lamb
Tender lamb or chicken marinated in a tamarind sauce cooked in the tandoori, pan fried with aromatic spices. With a dynamic twist of sweet and sour flavours.
51 Pearl of Panayur*
Fried fish fillet with Bengli style broth of aubergine, potato and tomato. (Absolutely lush).
52 Coriander infused Chicken/Lamb
Tender pieces of Chicken or Lamb marinated with exotic spices, cooked in a medium sauce with a refreshing mint flavour.
53 Fish Balti*
Aromatic flavour cooked in spices and balti sauce. One word that adequately describes this dish – Lush!
54 Rojoti
Chicken or lamb cooked with chef’s own blend of herbs, spices and sweet chilli sauce with a topping of spring onions and mushrooms.
55 Murgi Makhani
Chicken kebab in aromatic spices and creamy sauce, with a touch of yoghurt.
56 Agni King Prawn Korahi*
Prawn cooked in korahi with onions, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander. Flambéed with brandy