3. Mussels*
A special combination of Garlic, salt, methi leaves, cream, butter and red wine, Bengali style. A delicious and unique sea food appetiser. Must try! (highly recommended)
4. Tandoori King Prawn*
Marinated in a natural yogurt with fresh herbs and spices, roasted on skewers and glazed in a tandoori oven.
5. King Prawn Puri*
King prawns in medium spices, served on shallow fried puri.
6. King Prawn Butterfly*
Covered with breadcrumbs, deep fried to golden brown.
7. Prawn and Puri*
In medium spices served on shallow fried puri.
8. Prawn Cocktail
Prawns in cocktail sauce and salad.
9. Mixed Kebab
An assortment of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab
from our speciality tandoori.
10. Chicken Momo*
Spring onion, coriander, turmeric and green pepper, cooked with fresh garlic, rolled in shallow fried baby chappati called puri. A light starter to begin with.
11. Veg/Meat Samosa
Freshly made triangular parcels of either vegetable or minced
lamb, wrapped in pastry.
12. Sheek Kebab
Spicy succulent minced lamb grilled in the clay oven.
13. Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka
Diced chicken or lamb marinated with mild spices and skewered in tandoori. Very succulent and tender.
14. Tandoori Chicken
Marinated in a special blend of spices and grilled in a clay oven.
15. Cheese Chicken Kebab*
Melt-in-the-mouth chicken ‘n cheese starter
16. Garlic Mushrooms (v)
Fresh Mushrooms cooked in garlic with cheese.
17. Onion Bhaji (v)
Fresh spices mixed with onions and gram flour, deep fried in vegetable oil.
18. Chilli Ponir*
Pan cooked with peppers, onion, green chillies, sweet chilli sauce and homemade cheese.  Absolutely lush (hot).
19. Chicken 65
Battered chicken strips, deep fried with breadcrumb coating.