New Arrival

57 Rajahstani Bhuna
Beautiful dish chicken or lamb with exquisite taste, made with spinach. Very
rich flavour with fresh ginger, spring onion, fresh coriander & garlic.
Chicken or lamb cooked with green chillis, herbs and coriander in a spicy sauce.
58 Dil Se TasteButter Chicken
Cooked in the tandoori oven chicken/lamb then delicately re-cooked with garlic
& whole green chillies,garden mint Sprinkled with fresh coriander
59 Special Murghi Massala 
Tandoori chicken, off the bone cooked with chickpeas, minced lamb, garlic &
ginger. Delicately flavoured with a touch of cream.
Chicken or lamb. Delicious dish which gives you an aromatic taste. Sweet & spicy
61 Chasni 
A light smooth,chicken/lamb slightly sweet and sour mango,tomato
ketchup,creamy sauce. Medium